Oak Bay Marine Group Boathouses - Ladysmith, British Columbia, V9G 1K4, Canada

Built By Boat Owners for Boat Owners

  • Oak Bay Marine Group has been a trusted leader in the marine industry for over 50 years.
  • We have constructed more custom boathouses than any other company in British Columbia.
  • Our boathouses are used by the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Society.
  • Our engineer and crew of craftsmen take pride in building the most stunning boathouses in British Columbia.

Experienced Craftsmen, Superior Workmanship

  • Rust free, zero-maintenance aluminum cladding is used in place of traditional steel, which rusts and erodes with time.
  • Boathouses are constructed with proprietary support brackets that ensure level walkways and eliminate the need for support beams, providing clear walkways.
  • Roof felt eliminates condensation and keeps your vessel dry.
Oak Bay Marine Group